"Owning a Drum Jumper™ is like owning an insurance policy on your drum!"

To order or for more information about the Drum Jumper ™ call: 989.619.5641 or email: rswillbee@gmail.com

Serving the Ready Mixed Concrete Industry For 16 Years!

Since the beginning we have increased the gas engine horsepower, redesigned and strenghened the hydraulic tank. With these changes, we still have maintained the drum jumper portability.

The improved power of the drum jumper shows when making the initial revolution of a mixer drum full of concrete. The drum jumper turns the drum 2.5 - 3 RPM at slumps as low as 1 inch.

Over the years I have been asked many times "Will the drum jumper turn curb machine slump concrete?" The number one answer is, time is of the essence, by getting to the truck and hooking up the drum jumper in time. The second answer is the concrete must still slide in the drum. How many cubic yards and slump doesn't matter.

We have successfully tested the drum jumper turning 11 cubic yards of concrete at a 1" slump.

Having a drum jumper means no waiting for a jumper truck. Increasing the odds for unloading the truck. Over the years, drum jumpers have proven to be an insurance policy for your drums.

Drum Jumpers are built, tested and shipped from Michigan. They are in stock and come with a three year warranty.

Questions/Orders? Please email or call Dick Willbee.

Drum Jumper Products LLC is committed to customer satisifaction, The New Drum Jumper is also backed by a 3 year warranty on the unit.