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Some Information From Inventor, Dick Willbee:

After thirty-five years of being in the Ready Mix Concrete Industry, twenty-five of which I was in management and owner, I have experienced jumper trucks not arriving in time or unavailable to jump a loaded truck. Watching the load of concrete set up and the possibility of loosing the drum. An unnecessary loss of time and money. There had to be an alternative to this solution. With this in mind, I designed a portable emergency hydraulic pump for my company. It worked so well it has paid for itself time and again. I realized this amazing portable pump should be made available to our industry. Then came the manufacturing and marketing of the DRUM JUMPER.

Since the introduction of the new EGR diesel engines, computerized engines and companies keeping their ready mix trucks longer, your company at some time will no doubt need a DRUM JUMPER. Saving your company the time and money that other companies have already experienced by owning a DRUM JUMPER. Not to mention the appreciation the mechanics have expressed while using the DRUM JUMPER.

The DRUM JUMPER is an insurance policy so to speak. It insures your company the ability to expedite a smooth and quick jump. Getting the drum rolling again and the job completed. With minimal loss of time, concrete and money. The customer is satisfied. And you will be also.

- Dick Willbee/Inventor

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