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Product Features

At around 275 lbs. the Drum Jumper is easily transported, going where Jumper Trucks can’t go.

Drum Jumper works on front and rear discharge mixers.

The Drum Jumper can pay for itself in one use.

Unlike a Ready Mix truck, the Drum Jumper is always available. There is no need to tie up a Jumper Truck and risk hydraulic contamination.

Drum Jumper is shipped with tie down straps, hydraulic fittings and rubber mat. Hydraulic oil and gas will be all you need!

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Specifications and Parts:

Once concrete hydration has started the Drum Jumper must be hooked up and operating before the concrete achieves initial set and becomes one mass. The before and after of initial set is a fine line.

Therefore, Drum Jumper Products LLC, can assume no liability for concrete quality, concrete set up in the mixer drum, damage to equipment or property while using the Drum Jumper.

Drum Jumper Products LLC disclaims any express or implied warranties except as mentioned in warranty paragraph. Additionally, Drum Jumper Products LLC assume no liability for use of its product. Drum Jumper Products LLC provides a set of instructions with its product and assumes purchase uses in conformance with the instructions.

The Drum Jumper Will:
The Drum Jumper Will Not: